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In Mind Cloud is a collective of makers, creators, believers, and innovators, located in Singapore, Germany, and the US. It’s our mission to radically transform sales in the manufacturing industry. We believe in empowering individuals to do their most impactful work and bring the change they want to see into the world. Your uniqueness is welcomed and will help us deliver on our company vision: To become the leader in sales digitalization for global manufacturing companies.

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As a UX design practitioner supporting the Product Leadership Team, I take pride in leveraging the strength of diversity at In Mind Cloud. The accepting attitude for distinctive perspectives prevails a work culture of community learning which supports my growth in a progressive direction. Flexibility in structural chaos here, excites me. It stimulates innovation and challenges my solution mindset, leading to qualitative productivity.

Kratika Varma, Senior UX Designer

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At In Mind Cloud, innovation is one of our pillars of success. That means, you will always get to collaborate with some of the brightest talent in the B2B tech industry to solve real-world problems in the manufacturing industry.

Do your best work without limitations.

Ready to marry your passion for problem solving with the love of technology? We believe that a transparent and flexible workplace breeds trust and success. That means we’re committed to removing limitations and replacing them with flexibility, diversity, and autonomy—everything you need to shine.

Stay focused on solving challenges.

Our team is our greatest asset and the benefits provided are proof of the respect we hold for our collaborators. At In Mind Cloud, every employee is guaranteed full health insurance coverage and generous annual leave entitlements. Our offices are in convenient locations and are well-stocked with everything you need to power the world-changing work you’ll be doing.

Define your own career growth with us.

We wanted to single out our best employee benefit because we know how important it is to you. At In Mind Cloud, we believe that our ability to help you achieve your career goals is a reflection of what we can achieve as a company. That’s why we offer our employees the freedom to shape their career in the direction they choose and grow with In Mind Cloud.

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I am in the Program and Release Management team. The most fulfilling part of my role is to be able to help customers find solutions to issues. What I love most about working at In Mind Cloud is that my team listens to new ideas and then the entire team works together to make it happen. My superior trusts me to deliver the same quality of work during work from home which shows a high level of trust and respect.

Joey Liew, Senior Technical Support Engineer

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product architect testimonial

I’m a Product Architect in In Mind Cloud's engineering team. The most fulfilling part of my role here is that there is always something new to learn. Like introducing new features that help a customer’s business use case. Or improving the underlying platform that allows us to create better-performing cloud-based solutions for our customers.
Overall, In Mind Cloud is a great place to learn and grow your domain knowledge as well as technical architecture skills. The biggest strength of In Mind Cloud is its diversity. I have the chance to work with—and learn from—colleagues across the globe on a daily basis.

Ronald Reegan, Senior Product Architect

The work at In Mind Cloud has been a challenge since day one. The marketing team I'm in is lean and under immense pressure to help the business grow. This fact alone leads to continuous skill improvement and a more efficient way of solving problems. But what makes it truly enjoyable is my team's culture of learning, trust, and support. Mistakes or misalignments are often met with patience, understanding, and most important of all, respect. There is no finger-pointing, and knowledge is shared freely among the team. When EOB comes around, you always walk away stronger than you were the day before.

Leo Boon Yeow, Marketing Content Manager

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