How can I keep the CRM feature free of unnecessary information from long sales email threads?
Can I resume configuration work if my browser crashes or is accidentally closed?
Can I copy existing quotes with manual updates and use it for a new customer?
Can sales reps configure pre-existing variants to match customer requirements?
Does the Digital Sales Platform have a search function that helps sales and customers find products fast?
How do my customers know that their order has been confirmed?
How can customers find the right product in my vast catalog?
Can customers customize and buy existing product variants in my online portal?
Can I add hyperlinks to external sources for reference when working on a quote?
Can I customize or define validation or defaulting logic to ensure data quality complies with my company’s requirements?
Can I prevent new quotes from being introduced while the original quote is still pending approval or input?
How can I ensure that there are no unattended requests for quotes in my pipeline?

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