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According to G2 (the world’s leading business software review platform) manufacturers overwhelmingly prefer In Mind Cloud’s Sales Platform with its integrated, feature-rich CPQ, CRM and Sales Portal. Results are based on real business user reviews, showing that we outperform on just about every metric, and across departments. View the results for yourself.

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  • Salesforce
  • Oracle
  • SAP

How our advanced manufacturing software compares to competitors.

In Mind Cloud is an emerging leader as a manufacturer-specific, end-to-end sales platform.

Compare Manufacturing CPQ’s based on customer satisfaction, growth and innovation as rated by G2’s comprehensive Market Momentum Report.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does In Mind Cloud compare to Salesforce? Or Tacton? Or SAP? Or FPX? Or…
Can I use In Mind Cloud to create RFQs/Tenders/Quotes?
Can I import my existing cost/price/configuration data from Excel?
How difficult is it to gain user adoption?
Can I use In Mind Cloud throughout my global subsidiaries?
Can I build a spare parts catalog online with In Mind Cloud?

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