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Machinery and equipment

Agricultural machinery; construction vehicles & mining; tools & fabrication equipment; aviation & aerospace, defense & maritime equipment; printing machines; robotics; pumps & valves

Automotive and auto parts supply

Automotive contract manufacturing; break, suspension & steering systems; gear, drive & engine components; safety equipment; engine cooling & exhaust systems; interior & cockpit modules

Steel and metals products

Building materials; fabricated metal products; metal tubes, coils, mesh, strips; structural metal products; tools & general hardware; surface coating

Engineering and electrical equipment

Plant engineering; factory automation; fluid handling; material handling; renewables & environment; utilities manufacturing; battery manufacturers; sensors; electrical wiring

Electromedical and high-tech

Electronics; semiconductors; computer hardware; circuit boards; medical devices; diagnostics & laboratory equipment; surgical & electro-medical equipment

Business Need

Which of these statements best describes your priorities as a business for the coming year?

1. We need better transparency and control over our processes in order to improve basic sales efficiencies.

2. We need better control of our channels in order to increase sales efficiency within the business.

3. We need to create a better end to end sales experience for our customers in order to remain competitive

4. We need to find greater integration, scalability and efficiency across the business

Structural status

Which of the following statements best describe your current situation with regards to digital sales tools?

1. We are just getting the basics in place to improve sales and lead management.

2. We have some of the basics but need to extend into other areas like quoting and onboarding.

3. We need to better integrate an effective after sales platform.

4. We need better data integration and efficiency across the entire system.

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automotive mechanic

In Mind Cloud makes your business easy to buy from.

Manufacturing is complex, but your customers expect a smooth, convenient, and consistent buying experience. Now you can seamlessly connect your customers to your manufacturing expertise.

Improve the way you do business with out-of-the-box features.

sales channel

Pipeline Management, Forecasting & Reporting

forklift specification

Product/Service Catalog & Smart Selling

solution configurator

Online Product Catalog

cardbox option

Manufacturing Costing & Pricing

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project manager quality check

"With In Mind Cloud we experienced a 3-5% growth within the first 12 months after implementation. Focusing on the most profitable opportunities and offering customers the best-fit manufacturing solutions improved our deal closure rates and lowered our efforts in customer service."

Will D., Head of Customer Engagement, Satisloh AG, Member of the Essilor Group
mechanic working in factory

"In Mind Cloud covers the complete sales process from inquiry to production online in a central system. The central data management of In Mind Cloud and its out-of-the-box integrations - especially the deep integration to our ERP - made it possible to implement the sales platform easily and roll it out globally at our own pace. Our sales reps were amazed by how easy configuration and quoting now is, which ultimately results in an amazing time-to-value for us."

Michael R., Head of IT, VAG

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