Our Values

1 We are independent

We are continuously improving our cloud-based digital sales platform, allowing our clients and their customers to work seamlessly, unbounded by legacy systems.

2 Manufacturing expertise is at our core

Our platform is underpinned by manufacturing sales expertise. We use technology to deliver seamless experiences and consistent wins for manufacturers and their customers.

3 Empathy drives us to excel

We truly understand our clients’ pain points and are here to solve their problems. Customer excellence is not just a buzzword for us but a value that drives all our efforts.

engineer working environment

Our Mission

Our global customers in manufacturing industries are at different stages on their digitalization journey. But they are all facing similar challenges of increasing global competition, rising customer expectations, and increasing profitability pressure. Our mission is to help them simplify, then accelerate their progress to digital maturity.

The In Mind Cloud Digital Sales Platform is designed to streamline manufacturing sales processes, help win more deals, and increase competitiveness for organizations competing in the global manufacturing marketplace.


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