CEO Foreword

“We at In Mind Cloud are experiencing a massive wave of digitization in manufacturing industries worldwide, happening in the context of ‘Industry 4.0’ or ‘Made In China 2025’.


Our customers are increasingly moving IT investments from traditional, on-premise systems to customer-facing applications in the cloud. Their new expectations go far beyond previous requirements. They demand agile, innovative and cost-efficient solutions that support their organization end-to-end.


In Mind Cloud’s Manufacturing X Sales Platform is the all-in-one solution that blends CRM, CPQ and Commerce within one innovative platform. It works alongside existing ERP, Manufacturing Execution or PLM systems to create a future-ready, cloud-based customer experience landscape.


Firstly, digitalizing sales with our Manufacturing Sales Platform enables manufacturers to meet the increasing customer demand for high-quality individualized goods, powering the efficient execution of Lot Size One. Furthermore, being designed to address the core manufacturing challenges even for complex ETO and MTO scenarios, our Sales Platform helps to scale new business models around spare parts or platforms effectively. And lastly, the end to end automation reduces the time from investing in innovation to monetizing its success.


With the voice of our customers in mind and a solid financial backing by our investors, we are determined to become the leading platform for manufacturing sales.”


Dr. Christian Cuske, CEO

about us - how we get there

Our Mission: Driving the digital Go-to-Market to success for Manufacturers

Manufacturers today are under the immense pressure of rising product complexity, growing global competition and vanishing margins. Evolving technologies in sales automation, CRM, CPQ, and Commerce provide exceptional opportunities for growth and commercial success.


By digitalizing their sales, manufacturers have the unique chance to transform their profitability and develop new business models.


Driving the digital go-to-market to success for our customers is In Mind Cloud’s mission.


  • Recognizing that data nowadays is the most important asset in an increasingly digital world, we are committed to building as one platform, extendable and fluent with one single view on data.


  • We deliver our innovative solution in the cloud, which is fast and easy to consume and guarantees to have an immediate impact without the load of a large project.


  • Our objective is to exclusively build software for manufacturers, productizing their knowledge to reduce costs and drive value via high-performance features – all in all incorporating a favorable total cost of ownership (TCO).


As of today, we partner with the industry leaders to offer you a solution that is complete, scalable and future-proof to digitalize manufacturing sales process across Europe, South East Asia, and China.


We truly understand our customers.