CEO’s Foreword

“By 2020, In Mind Cloud will become the leading cloud CRM for manufacturing companies. Like Salesforce has emerged as the de facto standard for industry agnostics CRM platforms, ERP from SAP is the benchmark for running backend processes or Veeva Systems is seen as the market leader for CRM in the pharmaceuticals sector.


In Mind Cloud will be driven by the massive wave of Digitization in manufacturing industries, happening in the context of Industry 4.0 or Made In China 2025.


The wave of digitalization meets a concurrent trend where manufacturers move IT investments from traditional ERP or on-premise system to customer facing applications in the cloud.


In Mind Cloud’s Manufacturing Sales Platform will be working alongside existing ERP, Manufacturing Execution or PLM systems to create a future ready cloud-based CRM landscape.


Our Manufacturing Sales Platform is fully cloud-based, scalable and provides the highest level of user experience even for complex manufacturing scenarios. The Sales Platform is designed to address the very core manufacturing challenges around time to market, customer experience through customization and building new, digital business models.


Stay tuned!”

Dr. Christian Cuske

Our Mission

Make the sales successful and profitable for manufacturing and engineering industries.

We Understand Where Customers Come From And Where They Need To Go

Manufacturers are often pressurized by rising product complexity, the quintessential requirement to convert prospects and the continuous need to control margins. The results of mitigation through such short-term scenarios often prevent manufacturers from having a clear view of the long-term goal – the need to embark on a digitalization journey.


Having co-created successful transformations with existing customers, In Mind Cloud understands where companies come from and where they need to be.

We understand the need to provide a business platform to counter commoditization of physical products, to bring innovations to market faster and to increase customer experience through customized product offerings.


We are proud to build a cloud CRM & CPQ software for our customers to yield the deserved sales revenue of their core manufacturing business. As of today, We partner with the industry leaders to offer you a solution that is complete, scalable and future-proof to digitalize manufacturing sales process across Europe, South East Asia and China.

about us - digitalization journey


By sharing the vision of supporting our clients’ digital transformation strategies for their manufacturing sales, In Mind Cloud and SAP has forged a long-term strategic, technological and business partnership. As an SAP partner for more than six years, In Mind Cloud has become an official cloud provider for manufacturing sales solutions in the SAP ecosystem, next to successful partnerships in the SAP App Center and SAP Cloud Platform.

In the recent years, we have expanded our technology partner alliance to AutoDESK, Google Maps and Our strategic relationships with the best-in-class partners means we have deep access to our partners’ tools, knowledge, resources and support, best practices and emerging technologies. Thus, In Mind Cloud continuously introduces innovative, complete solutions for end-to-end manufacturing sales processes.

Broaden Manufacturing Partners

In Mind Cloud will expand the partnerships especially on PLM and MES to more software companies, such as PTC Inc. (Windchill) or Rittal (EPLAN).

about us - how we get there
about us - technical support hub

In Mind Cloud recognizes people make all the difference. Our customers need savvy industry consultants, architects and engineers that can bring years of extensive experience, domain knowledge and skills to digitalize their manufacturing sales. Through our partnership with leading local industry ERP providers, In Mind Cloud works with our customers towards effective execution with resolute stands. We offer a thorough planning, proven development and delivery methodologies that are tested against our target verticals and target regions.