“We are making the sales successful and profitable for manufacturing and engineering industries with our innovative sales platforms.”



We, In Mind Cloud, are an independent provider of innovative manufacturing sales platforms with the vision to make the sales successful and profitable for manufacturing and engineering industries.

We empower our customers to master their sales challenges regardless of their complexity or elaborate cost structures. Our sales platforms help them to deliver accurate quotes of flexible manufacturing whilst protecting their margins, thus yielding their projected revenue.

Our cutting-edge sales platforms, embedding CRM and CPQ features, are based on the SAP Cloud Platform to be deeply integrated into manufacturing processes and existing front end sales operations.

We are committed to give our customers the competitive advantage needed to succeed in the age of the digital economy and industry 4.0.

In Mind Cloud Company News

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Christian CEO In Mind Cloud

Dr. Christian Cuske


Christian is CEO of In Mind Cloud. He is responsible for shaping and executing the company strategy and passionately drives In Mind Cloud´s vision together with building the global sales and marketing.

Prior to In Mind Cloud, Christian held various roles in the software industry and was responsible for industry-specific solutions in High Tech and Manufacturing during his tenure with SAP.

Christian enjoys weekend soccer with the kids, has become a running addict and holds a Ph.D. in quantitative computer science.

“I want to make the sales process better for manufacturers, I want to make it reasonable”

Dhaval VP Product In Mind Cloud

Dhaval Bhardwaj

Senior Vice President Product Engineering

At In Mind Cloud, Dhaval is responsible for running the product development and management offices. He has a strong understanding of reasoning engines such as IPC and Pellet among many other Java and SAP technologies. Currently, he runs a team of engineers that is focused on developing a unique set of products catering to CPQ and CRM sales process, fulfilling the business needs of Engineering and Manufacturing customers.

Dhaval has over 12 years of experience in enterprise software development. An engineer at heart, Dhaval has an MBA from Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode.

“Reasoning made simple and usable for enterprise domain”


Christine Cuske

Head of Finance

Christine is the Head of Finance of In Mind Cloud and oversees the company’s financial matters globally.

Having a master’s degree in mathematics, as well as in information systems, Christine is well equipped to lead In Mind Cloud’s finance department and contribute her vast knowledge to the Board of Directors.

Before joining In Mind Cloud, she had responsibilities ranging from market and credit risk management for a leading investment bank, to accounting and financial controlling for an insurance holding.

“I’m a huge fan of cloud – turning CAPEX into OPEX.“


Dr. Falk Brauer

Senior Vice President Customer Engagements

Falk is heading the customer engagements organization of In Mind Cloud and is running the cloud operations of our applications. Falk and his team ensure outstanding customer experience from on-boarding, through training, go-live and support for our clients.

Before joining In Mind Cloud, Falk was leading the R&D team of SAP’s Innovation Center in Singapore and holds a Ph.D. in the area of Information Management from Hasso Plattner Institute, Germany. He extends his passion about technological innovations to building spectacular Lego creations with the kids on weekends.

“We are committed to boost our clients’  sales and believe that only our customers’ success can be our success.”


Dr. Christian Cuske

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Dhaval Bhardwaj

Managing Director Operations

Christine Cuske

Managing Director Finance

Dr. Alexander Blum

Non-Executive Director

Sebastian Osing

Non-Executive Director


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