Sales in Engineering and Electrical Equipment Manufacturing has many faces: selling components in e-commerce style, leaning on distribution selling or direct marketing of end-to-end engineered solutions.

Whilst all of them trigger different customer journeys, their challenge remains the same:


‘How can we make it easy for our customers and distributors to buy from us?’


In times of hardware commoditization, flawless matchmaking is one of the key competitive criteria next to the price. Break down barriers and explore your true growth potential with ‘Manufacturing X’!

Build end-to-end engineered solutions within minutes

Retain your margins with 100% cost & price accuracy

Boost your sales with automatic CAD generation & visualisations

Our Top 5 Features for

Engineering & Electrical Equipment Manufacturing


Our Manufacturing X Sales Platform has features uniquely built for the Electrical Engineering, Electronics Manufacturing & Precision Engineering industry:

Partner & Customer Portal for Engineering & Electrical Equipment Manufacturers

Partner & Customer Portal for Engineering & Electrical Equipment Manufacturers

B2P – Business-to-Professional is not a buzz word anymore – build an end-to-end customer buying journey and support every path and turn from solution exploration to order or even project execution and support your partners in selling complex solutions. Accelerate the speed-to-market of your new solutions, bundles or products and services with Partner & Customer Portal in ‘Manufacturing X”



  • Give your customers and partners Self-Service Access to your product portfolio, solution configuration and calculation, spare parts and services – with product, service and price information from your ERP, enriched by Product Management and Marketing.
  • Help your customers in finding the right products for their needs and calculate their specific solution within minutes via a Guided Product Finder and advanced Solution Configuration and Calculation integrated in the portal.
  • Customer & Partner Collaboration allows you to work closely with your customers and partners on the final solution to shorten turnaround times and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Win the aftermarket sales and strengthen your core business in consumables, parts, repair, and maintenance services for your solutions. An After Sales Portal boosts your market penetration and competitiveness.
  • Use the E-Commerce API or User Interface Integration to embed Manufacturing X’ robust calculation and pricing engines into your website, marketing or e-commerce system to lower buying barriers and act on every lead across your go-to-market channels.

Solution Configuration, Calculation and Visualisation

Traditional Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) solutions are typically not enough for Engineering & Electrical Equipment industries. Our Engineering Solution Configuration & Calculation features deliver an open-ended Bill-of-Material (BOM), electrical and mechanical calculations derived from the application area, and rely on very deep background knowledge about your solutions and products. Ultimately, visualise the overall solution with Dynamic CAD Rendering.



  • Visual Engineering Configuration & Calculation enables to easily compute entire solutions with minimal input within minutes rather than days.
  • Leverage highly flexible Bill-of-Material Management, Cost Estimation or Raw Material Calculation.
  • Make use of all your product knowledge stored in distributed systems like ERP, PLM, PIM or Excel with Product Knowledge Base Management.
  • Deliver an excellent customer experience, showing the solution from all perspectives: commercially, electrical and mechanical, including Dynamic CAD Rendering – convey with ease whatever your customers need to know and see to buy from you conveniently.
  • Enable flawless, unified and localized solution documentation for your global sales teams with Proposal Generation.

Solution Configuration, Calculation and Visualisation for Engineering & Electrical Equipment
Pipeline Management, Collaboration and Approval Workflows for Engineering & Electrical Equipment Manufacturers

Pipeline Management, Collaboration and Approval Workflows

Act on the right opportunities, protect your profits and gain pricing excellence with Pipeline Management, Collaboration and Approval Workflows – with all your sales data in a centralized repository in ‘Manufacturing X’.



  • Highly flexible Approval Workflows and task-based Collaboration Features ensure that any quote that reaches the customer has approved special discounts, maximised margins, and correct technical specifications.
  • Manufacturing X supports Multi-level and Matrix Approvals. Further On-demand Workflows cater to specifications for sales regions, channels, or departments on any datapoint relevant for your sales processes.
  • Partner Tender Management allows to manage responses by multiple partners to ensure consistency in price and solution offering
  • Manufacturing X comes with a standalone CRM including Activity, Lead and Opportunity Management. Alternatively, integrate with other CRM solutions such as SAP C/4 Sales Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce.

Interactive Cost & Price Optimization

Leverage your production and sales data to unleash productivity and profitability with Interactive Cost & Price Optimization in ‘Manufacturing X’ 



  • Interactive Costing and Pricing lets you compute and calculate prices accurately within milliseconds, including machine and labour costs for engineer-to-order items. Costing and pricing errors are reduced and healthy margins can be determined via instant comparison of profit margins 
  • Mass Configuration and Price Simulation empower you to optimize offers on the spot and balance customer requirements and profit targets. 
  • The tight ERP Cost & Price Integration ensures correct cost and price calculation, as well as smooth order processing and fulfilment 
  • Ensure price compliance and further protect your project profitability with Dynamic Margin and Profit Calculation on material or service combinations, volumes, project sizes, customer categories and custom rules. 
  • Cost and price data being available within one system guarantees Cost & Price Data Consistency across all channels, devices and sales teams, and eliminates costing and pricing errors or miss-communication. 

Discount & Margin Management for Engineering & Electrical Equipment Manufacturers
End-to-End Back-end Integration (ERP) for Engineering & Electrical Equipment Manufacturers

End-to-End Backend Integration (ERP) for Engineering & Electrical Equipment Manufacturers

Power your solution sales with an end-to-end flow to and from your backend system throughout the entire lifecycle. From product and account data, through key quoting information such as costs and prices, to production data like Bill-of-Material (BOM). Leverage THE single source of truth with End-to-End Backend (ERP) Integration in ‘Manufacturing X’.


  • SAP users, can directly use SAP ERPs Variant Configuration for Configure-to-Order scenarios, including matching existing product variants to speed up deliveries in a Make-to-Stock fashion.
  • Provide a Single Source of Truth for product data and price information, available 24/7 on any device for all involved parties like customers, distributors and your own sales teams.
  • Ensure always accurate Material Creation including BOM and Production Process in your ERP to avoid costly errors for Engineer-to-Order (ETO).
  • Create and Manage ERP Quotes and Orders via one platform to facilitate consistent and auditable configure-to-order processes.
  • Create, retrieve and update Costing and Pricing in your ERP.
  • Replicate operations data such as costs, prices, invoicing or purchasing data via Custom View Replication.

Don’t just take it from us. Hear what our customer in Precision Engineering has to say:

“The accuracy of the quote for us is a critical factor in our business success.

In Mind Cloud’s solution enables the automation of a multitude of crucial pre-project tasks, such as technical assessments from raw material calculations, to production process analysis. The output is not just a standardized quotation document for the customer but includes financial reports and customer cost-break-down.


We have been very happy with ‘Manufacturing X’ and how it reflects the uniqueness of our industry. It helps us to achieve a lean supply chain, with a smooth data flow between factory, sales and customer.


Moreover, we were able to increase customer satisfaction through significant reduction of tender submission times and up-selling service predictions and therewith meet our goal to support our valued customers every step of the way.”

Quotation Manager

of Interplex, Precision Engineering Industries

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