Create accurate and profitable proposals

with Configure Price Quote for SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer (SAP C4C) & SAP ERP. 


Profitable CPQ


Configure & Price Accurately

Configure and price even your complex products and services with minimum effort and ensure accurate quotes with only valid product, process and service combinations directly in SAP C4C.


Create Profitable Quotes

Enable sales to balance customer requested discounts and optimize margins easily with the help of detailed pricing views. Cloud CPQ Express backs you up with always-up-to-date costs and prices originating in either native SAP LO/VC models (IPC compliant), IPC models and even external pricing from SAP ERP or In Mind cost models.


Accelerated Sales


Fast & Professional Proposals

Create professional and branded proposals at a few clicks and keep track of all versions and modifications. Preview and edit customized modules and choose from multiple output templates in different formats like Microsoft Word, Excel and PDF.


Reduced Sales Cycles & Automated Processes

Automating your configuration, pricing and quotation processes does not only increase your efficiency but allows your sales reps to spend more time actively selling and working on a positive customer relationship. Routed workflows and automated approvals reduce sales cycles significantly by streamlining the entire CPQ process.


Cloud-CPQ-Express SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer - Proposal Generation Screen

Seamless Integration


Bridging the gap

Cloud CPQ Express is the missing piece in your seamless end-to-end sales process. Our CPQ solution bridges your CRM system, SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer, and your back-end system, SAP ERP, with deep integration into both.


Your ERP in the Cloud & ERP Sales Orders directly from CPQ

Cloud CPQ Express provides all relevant product and price knowledge plus master data from SAP ERP to sales in real-time in the cloud. Quotes can be converted into SAP ERP Sales orders directly, which guarantees consistent data management and avoids redundant data maintenance.


Cloud-CPQ-Express SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer-Screen_costing pricing screen

Optimal Usability

Access all relevant information to create a proposal in Cloud CPQ Express anytime, anywhere and on any device. Enjoy optimal usability with Cloud CPQ Express being fully embedded in SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer via single sign-on.

Fast, Secure and SAP-Certified

Benefit from all the advantages of an SAP certified solution running in the fast and reliable SAP HANA Cloud with highest security standards.


In Mind Cloud SAP certified built on SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Flexible Scalability

With Cloud CPQ Express you enjoy full flexibility via our user-based subscription model. With data centres around the world, our solution is globally scalable.


Any questions about CPQ for SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer and SAP ERP? We´ve got answers!

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Predict revenue, mitigate sales risks and drive collaborative RFQ projects

with our reasonable CRM and embedded CPQ

– specialized for Manufacturing, High-Tech and B2B Service industries –



Predict Revenue


Sales Forecasts & Analytics Insights

Bridge the gaps of a decentralized Request for Quotation (RFQ) procedure by capturing all sales relevant data in one system to gain transparency into the sales process. Drive your business with the help of accurate sales forecasts and powerful analytics insights in real time, delivered by the Insight Selling Suite.

Create Profitable RFQs & Quotes

Increase the profitability of your business via error prevention and reduced costs of sales. Reduce cycle times in Request for Proposal (RFP) processes and optimize margins with industry-specialized Configure-Price-Quote features.


Mitigate Sales Risks


Accurate Costing & Configuration

Enable sales teams to perform accurate costing of products, components and services and the compliant optimization of margins for profitability. Detailed pricing and costing views empower sales to run sales simulations and optimize quotes easily. Avoid configuration errors with even complex cost structures captured in advanced cost models and made available for sales anytime, everywhere and on any device in the cloud.

Customized Proposals

Equip sales teams to create professional, accurate and branded proposals at a few clicks and keep track of all versions and modifications. Preview and edit customized modules and choose from multiple output templates in different formats like Microsoft Word, Excel and PDF.


Insight Selling Suite Manufacturing CRM Configuration Markups

Empower Collaboration


Streamline RFQ Collaboration

Streamline the collaboration between sales, engineering, purchasing or other factories via automated workflows, process-triggered notifications and efficient quote-contribution processes via up- and download of Excel spreadsheets. All necessary technical knowledge for a tender will be consolidated in one system and can be easily used by sales to prepare the proposal or RFQ.

Accelerate & Simplify CPQ

Accelerate the sales process with automated configuration, pricing and quotation processes. Increase efficiency via simplified, role-specific user interfaces and workflow-based project status overviews and ensure compliance with role-based data access for sales, engineering or other quote contributing parties.


Insight Selling Suite Manufacturing CRM Workflow and Collaboration in RFQ (Abläufe und Zusammenarbeit)

Flexible Scalability

Avoid IT infrastructure investments and benefit from full flexibility and global scalability via our user-based subscription model.

Fast, Secure & Reliable

Your data is handled in the integrated fast and reliable SAP HANA® Cloud database with highest security standards and future-readiness.

Rapid Deployment

Our ready-to-use Cloud CRM solution guarantees a rapid deployment and numerous system integration capabilities like SAP ERP as your backend system.


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