In Mind Cloud believes in lean and ongoing improvements. We constantly keep in touch with our customers and are highly committed to continually improve your sales processes. In Mind Cloud offers different Success Plans, which can be tailored to your needs. Within the basic plan, we support all software relevant features and include a Success Plan that is constantly updated based on your feedback. We will keep you up-to-date on new software features and service offerings that can benefit your sales process. In Mind Cloud also offers two advanced Success Packages that increase the support level to your specific implementation scenario, give direct access to our experts and offer a flexible option to request for training or configuration and advisory services.

standard software support

Standard Software Support

8/5 support on software related issues, regular software upgrades, excludes scenario or customizing related questions and changes in the system configuration

Pay-as-you-go Success

8/5 support for up to 100 users on specific business scenario issues, includes support for custom domain and custom sender for email notifications / workflow

pay as you go success
X2 Success (Advanced Support)

X2 Success (Advanced Support)

Global support for up to 300 users on specific business scenario issues and configuration, includes support for custom domain, custom sender for email notifications / workflow, and bi-annual roadmap review with the Product team.

X3 Success (Enterprise Support)

Global support for more than 300 users with flexible coverage for different customer’s needs.

X3 Success (Enterprise Support)
x-credit based service consumption

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