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Estimate the 80% Manufacturing-ready offer faster than ever – with our Manufacturing CPQ


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Offer Visualization

Select the right products, in the right combination at the right time. Built-in upselling intelligence will guide you to maximum profit.


Visual Product finder for install base and visual product navigation within thousands of line items, to avoid erroneous quotes and deliver increased quote volumes

Layout design from Google Maps and extraction of geospatial enabling pre-quote engineering calculations at maximum efficiency

Visualized configurations in dynamic CAD drawings increasing engineering quote accuracy

Interactive Costing & Pricing

Make all customer and channel specific data to compute and calculate costs and prices available in real-time.


Cost and price data from ERP available within one system across all channels, devices and sales teams, drastically reducing costing and pricing errors

Healthy margins via instant comparison of profit margins for different versions along with minimum order quantities and configurations

Insights from machine learning and predictive analytics generating improving win rates, stabilizes pricing, and increases gross margins per deal

SS_Interactive Costing
SS_Sales Guidance
Sales Guidance

Spend less time quoting and more time actively selling.


Supporting sales teams and dealer networks to offer best products, innovative solutions, bundles and promotions powered by machine learning

Intelligent and configurable pop-up messages and colour coding to capitalize on cross-sell and upsell opportunities and increase deal margins

Onboarding of new sales people and accelerated sales cycles from quoting to order capturing

Proposal Generation

Transform quoting into a guided selling experience with professional, branded and compelling localized documents for complete, consistent and fast proposals.


Automation and unification of quote generation across all channels while delivering valuable insights via analytics and reporting

Fully customizable document templates for Word, Excel and PDF plus industry, customer, region and language specific template libraries

Integration with e-signature applications and external design tools such as Google Maps or AutoCAD for complete, consistent and fast proposal generation

SS_Proposal Generation

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