Manufacturers have more business opportunities than just a one-off sale. Extending the business model into spare parts, consumables and services is as challenging as it can boost profitability. Extending your sales business to dealers, sales partners and end customers can truly scale your business. Sales Portal icon SALES PORTAL Download Brochure

Universally Connected for Efficient Aftermarket Sales

with E-Commerce for B2B Manufacturing


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After-Sales Portal

Extend your manufacturing sales to After-Sales for maximum market expansion.


Supply external access of all sales relevant data to multi-level sales channels for increased business transactions, such as RFQs and orders in after-sales

Eliminating product and configuration errors for global channel network, while increasing speed-to-market of new products, bundles or promotions

Enabling price list handling support and access control for diverse hierarchy of users

Digital Factory

Design projects, configure products, create quotation and receive purchase confirmation with embedded sales guidance in one portal.


Lightweight Sales Simplification embedded in sales portal interface

Providing cost and price data from backend across all channels, devices and sales teams within one system, drastically reducing costing and pricing errors

Automating generation of comprehensive proposals and other documents through industry-specific template libraries for increased quote output

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SP-channel orchestation
Channel Orchestration

Scale your business through multiple channels and integrate seamlessly with existing customer install base CRM system and cloud platform.


Establishing a single source of truth for customer install base and back-to-back synchronisation to ERP for a global sales network

Integrating seamlessly to existing CRMs, sales platforms and cloud platforms for maximum connectivity

Supporting business growth and productivity with fast roll-outs and 24/7 world-wide availability via web or mobile devices

Sales Connector for Commerce

Embed Sales Portal into existing e-commerce portals, connecting the global direct sales and channel network.


Connecting sales portal with existing e-Commerce portals through Manufacturing X API framework to enjoy the robust pricing and configuration engine or embed the powerful configurator UI extension entirely

Serving as single point of control for sharing product and order information with all back-end manufacturing and business systems

Reduces manual entry to save time and improve accuracy of catalog data, including item descriptions, images, SEO content and product attributes

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