Manufacturers today are facing ever changing business conditions with global competition and increasing customer demands. Strike the perfect offer. Balancing requirements and competitive pricing, whilst increasing profit margins Sales Optimization icon SALES OPTIMIZATION Download Brochure

Strike the Perfect Offer –

Balancing Requirements & Profit



Quickly simulate configuration or material alternatives to get immediate insights into cost changes.


Cost simulations based on different configurations, material or other cost factors for best profit offers and maximum requirements fulfillment rate

Manufacturing cost calculation in real-time in the background for cost and margin transparency

Instant profitability analytics for configuration versions and minimum order quantities

Mass Change

Compute the effects on manufacturing costs of a complex solution in real-time.


One-click cost estimation via mass change option for different attributes in manufacturing solution line items

Mass rearrangement of attributes for calculation consistency in multiple manufacturing process steps

Always up-to-date product, material, purchase, production costs and price data from ERP

SO_Mass Change
SO_Discount & Margin Management
Discount and Margin Management

Deliver viable quotations even faster, whilst adhering to even the most complex discounting rules.


Dynamic discounting based on product or part combinations, volumes, deal sizes, customer categories, sales regions or custom rule parameters

Global margin guidance including regional pricing strategies supported by machine learning for maximum profit

Custom linkage to approval levels for efficient quote routing, faster deal closure and avoidance of rogue discounting

Sales Collaboration

Bridge knowledge to people while capturing all relevant data in one system.


Bridging knowledge between different facilities, locations and departments to build, review and evaluate manufacturing solutions and resolve customers’ requirements in fastest time possible

Management of all approvals in one system including multi-level approvals and routing from engineering to sales for increased sales cycles

Interactive team collaboration tools integrating email notifications, tagging and version control, allowing the team to merge all the changes into a common version or restore older versions of files, for improved efficiency, traceability and accountability

SO_Sales Collaboration

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