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Fast & Profitable Business Decisions from Opportunity to Production  with our Lean Manufacturing CRM application


SM_Customer & Supplier Insights
Customer & Supplier Insights

Manage, prioritize and upsell profitably and to the highest customer satisfaction.


Full visibility into customer install base and quote history for intelligent upselling and predictive after sales

Intelligent key account identification & maintenance for existing projects and new tenders

Collaborative workplace on account, opportunity & quote level

Opportunity Prioritization

Always act on the most profitable business opportunities for fast conversion.


One platform for all customer interaction data, including opportunities imported from unstructured data to provide an actionable overview across lifecycle phases

Smart conversion analytics including probability consideration and earning potential

Assessment of machine utilization and manufacturing pipeline for opportunity prioritization

SM_Opportunity Prioritization
SM_Productivity Analytics
Productivity Analytics

Connect insights about productivity of manufacturing with sales performances.


In-depth manufacturing analytics extending to supply chains, machine and warehouse utilizations in correlation with revenue forecasts based on opportunities, quotes and orders

Sales performance analytics powering pipeline management and sales forecasts

Office365 and Microsoft Power BI integration for extended analytics, collaboration enablement and success monitoring

Process Orchestration

Scale your business flexibly and integrate seamlessly into your existing infrastructure.


One single source of truth for sales relevant data such as contacts, resources and install bases available 24/7 on any device

Integration with existing CRMs and Cloud Platforms to provide end-to-end sales process

Fast deployment & roll-outs globally enabling instant responses to innovation and growth potential

SM_Process Orchestration

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