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Provide 100% Custom Solutions at Lowest Possible Cost


ES_Tender Composition
Tender Composition

Directly use technical drawings, CADs, Excel lists or other raw data to configure a tender via integration and uploads.


Capturing all engineering and production knowledge in one system as the basis for costing and pricing with instant feedback on margins and profitability

Supporting Excel import of product and configuration models, requirements or BOMs (Bills of Material) for speed to market and highest level of agility

Storage, embedding and output of technical drawings such as CAD files from the project configuration for tender documents to improve product design and deliver visual outcome for customers

Production Knowledge

Centralize and provide constantly changing price and cost information throughout the entire life-cycle of your engineered solution.


Seamless integration and management of backend and production data from ERP guaranteeing correct product and pricing data throughout the product life cycle and from tender to after-market sales

End-to-end accuracy via creation of Production and Sales Orders directly in the ERP, including downstream BOMs, demand plans and procurement orders

Modelling manufacturing sequences such as steps, machine and cost configurator, for value improvement and cost reduction prior to production

ES_Production Knowledge
ES_Engineering Collaboration
Engineering Collaboration

Collaborate seamlessly between Sales Engineers, Designers, Purchasing, Tender Managers and Production Teams to guarantee a fast and flawless tender submission and execution.


Configurable workflows and routing for all tender contributing parties delivering efficiency and accountability

Feasibility, accuracy and profitability checks for tenders via approval routing automation

Collaboration and compliance boost through simplified UIs and flexible data access limitations for defined tender contributing roles

Material Creation

Seamlessly transfer materials, assemblies and finished goods data to the backend to provide for accurate production planning and manufacturing success.


Creation of finished goods, assembly, Bill of Material and material routing data directly in the ERP to avoid double data maintenance errors

Enablement for production planning and analytics

Streamlining quote-to-product cycle with accurate engineering data in the production from the time of tender acceptance

ES_Material Creation

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