Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers are confronted with rising global competition, commoditization of hardware and massive price pressure. Digitalizing sales and scoring in the aftermarket business provide unprecendeted opportunities for growth and profitability.

Embraces the full potential of sales digitalization with In Mind Cloud’s Manufacturing X!

Our Top Features for Machinery & Equipment Manufacturers


SM_Opportunity Prioritization
Forecasting & Analytics

Unleash productivity and profitability with forecasting and analytics insights from your production and sales data. Pipeline Forecasting, Productivity Analytics and Opportunity Prioritization empower you to dynamically optimize your tactical planning and make better strategic decisions for the long term.

Manufacturing-Ready Quoting

Master the RFQ process to avoid high costs of sales, long delivery lead times, and disadvantageous financial terms. Interactive Costing and Pricing let's you compute and calculate costs and prices accurately within minutes. Sales Guidance supports global teams while the Proposal Generation is unified, flawless and leads to an excellent customer experience.

SM_Opportunity Prioritization
SS_Interactive Costing
Global Pricing & Margin Control

Expand your earnings and gain pricing excellence with Discount & Margin Management with your relevant data in a centralized repository. Configuration and material simulations enable you to optimize offers on the spot and balance customer requirements and profit targets.

Custom Engineering Solutions

Accelerate your time-to-quote at drastically lowered cost of sales. Centralize your production knowledge to maintain constantly changing price and cost information throughout the entire product life-cycle and bridge this knowledge to every engineer and sales person involved in your RFQ processes via invaluable collaboration tools. Dynamic integration capabilities with CAD, Excel and other data sources power your quoting output to the max.

ES_Engineering Collaboration
SP-after sales portal2
Aftermarket Business

Win the aftermarket sales and strengthen your core business in parts, repair, and maintenance services for your machines. An After Sales Portal boosts your market penetration with lightweight configuration and self-service options and unlocks the aftermarket lifetime value of your machines. Control global Channel Sales and eliminate product and configuration errors, while increasing speed-to-market of new products, bundles or promotions.

Our Customers

“Within the first year of sales operations after implementation of the CRM and In Mind Cloud’s solution, we experienced a 3-5% growth. Overall deal closure rates improved, and the solution helped us to focus on the most important opportunities, as well as to execute these sales deals flawlessly. Through providing accurate quotes with accurate terms and conditions we were able to save a massive amount in wrong orders per year. Additionally, the number of changes in production dropped from 26 product changes to less than 5 contributing to the massive savings that we achieved during the past year.”

Will Daniels, Head of Global Aftermarket Operations, Satisloh AG, Member of the Essilor Group

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