The High-Tech and Electro-Medical Solutions markets have shown constant and global growth during the past years. But gaining actual market share and expanding an international sales force or distribution network remain major challenges for businesses in these industries.


Digitalize sales with our innovative CPQ, CRM and E-Commerce solution on one platform to capture opportunities for top line growth and additional revenue!

Grow your market share easily by digitally enabling your global sales teams and distributor network

Gain full cost and price control across all your business units and channels

Achieve 100% pipeline accuracy for partner and direct sales business and obtain detailed market insights

Our Top 5 Features for Manufacturers in the Electromedical & High-Tech Solutions industry


Our Manufacturing X Sales Platform has features uniquely built for manufacturers of Electronic, Electromedical and High-Tech products:

All-in-One: CRM, CPQ & Sales Portal

All-in-One: CRM, CPQ & Sales Portal

Having a holistic view on both, direct and channel business is the key to get accurate business forecasts and understand early demand signals. Unleash the full power of CRM, CPQ and Sales Portal on one platform with Manufacturing X.


  • Holistic Pipeline Management, Forecasting, Productivity Analytics and Opportunity Prioritization empower you to dynamically optimize your tactical planning.
  • Empower Sales Managers to identify deals at risk and coach their teams on the next steps to increase close rates and speed up cycles.
  • Simplify sales with easy-to-use solution configuration and ensure that you always offer the right products with the right capabilities to your customers in the shortest time possible.
  • Give your customers self-service access to your solution and product catalogue. Lower barriers of doing business with you equals in higher revenue.
  • Customer & Partner Collaboration allows you to work closely with your customers and partners on the final solution to shorten turnaround times and increase customer satisfaction.

Business Agility & Sales Efficiency

It is much more rewarding to do more with less, especially in Sales. Business Agility & Sales Efficiency speeds up your daily processes and pays dividends. Always know where your customer engagements are at with Account 360.


  • Manufacturing X gives you access to Account, Opportunity and Quote data directly in Microsoft Outlook – pull relevant information where you need it, log emails and upload attachments to always have all relevant information at your fingertips.
  • Sales Guidance supports global teams with guided selling and cross and up-selling proposals – automated, profitable and always a great match to gain highest customer satisfaction.
  • Define solution and quotation templates to share best practices across your entire organisation and channel network.
  • Access all relevant information across your enterprise where you need it most via Open APIs and deep backend ERP integration.
  • Handle repeated orders in no-time using quote and line item copy to improve efficiency and response times.

Business Agility & Sales Efficiency
Solution Configuration, Costing & Pricing

Solution Configuration, Costing & Pricing

Traditional Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) solutions are typically not sufficient for High-Tech industries. Manufacturing X supports an advanced solution configuration, costing and pricing. Enable a flawless execution of accurate and profitable proposals for your sales and distribution partners without relying on training.

  • Visual Solution Configuration & Calculation allows to easily compute entire solutions with minimal input within minutes rather than days.
  • Deliver an excellent customer experience, showing your solution from all perspectives. Whatever your customers need to know and see to buy from you conveniently, manage it with our advanced Proposal Document Management.
  • Cost and Price within milliseconds, considering sales regions, production parameters and customer requirements.
  • Enable flawless, unified and localized solution documentation for your global sales teams with Proposal Generation.
  • Leverage our highly flexible Bill-of-Material Management, Cost Estimation, Raw Material Calculation or a combination of these to achieve maximum efficiency in Solution Configuration, Costing and Pricing.

Engineer-to-Order & Special Requests

High-Tech sales often goes beyond Configure-to-Order (CTO). Exceptions from the standard products can reach from minor deviations from the standard Bill-of-Material to full Engineer-to-Order (ETO) scenarios. Accelerate your time-to-quote and backend processes for special orders dramatically with Manufacturing X’ Engineer-to-Order & Special Requests.


  • Collaborate easily with Engineering, Production or Purchasing to quickly respond to special requests by your customers.
  • Dynamic Integration capabilities with ERP cost data, CAD, Excel and other data sources power your quoting accuracy to the max.
  • Centralize your Production Knowledge to leverage always up-to-date costs and prices for special components.
  • Ultimately, create a new ERP Product in ERP with Bill-of-Material or Production Process (Routing).
  • Leverage our Project Management Integration with sophisticated industrial project management systems such as SAP Project Systems or others.

Solution Configuration, Costing & Pricing
Engineer-to-Order & Special Requests

Enterprise-ready Front- and Backend Integration Platform

Power your sales with an end-to-end flow to and from front-to backend system throughout the entire lifecycle. From product and account data, through key quoting information such as costs and prices, to production data like Bill-of-Material (BOM). Leverage THE single source of truth with end-to-end Front & Backend (ERP) Integration in ‘Manufacturing X’.


  • Do you already have a CRM or After-Sales Portal in place? No problem. Leverage Manufacturing X’ capabilities in SAP Sales Cloud, Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Benefit from Manufacturing X’ native ERP integration for Product, Price and Cost Data available 24/7 on any device for all involved parties like customers, distributors and your own sales teams.
  • SAP users can directly use SAP ERP’s Variant Configuration for Configure-to-Order scenarios with a Simplified Sales View reducing the backend model to the amount required for Sales.
  • Create and manage ERP Inquiries, Quotes and Orders via one platform to facilitate consistent and auditable configure-to-order processes.
  • Do you want to leverage a 3rd party reporting? Power your individual analytics requirements with integration from SAP Business Warehouse, Power BI and further analytics to manage all your business forecasting and decision-making processes on one platform.

Don’t just take it from us. Hear what our customer from the High-Tech industry has to say:

“In our industry, accurate on-the-spot reports are vital to make fast and informed decisions.

Reports in Manufacturing X enable us to see if a quote is profitable and which features have more potential than others, so we can make quick decisions on the most profitable opportunities and future offerings. For us, remaining competitive in this tight market space requires this extraordinary level of deep insights.

Sales Manager of In Mind Cloud Customer in the High-Tech Industry

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