The simple way to sell auto parts online.

Supplying multiple manufacturers with an inventory of evermore specialized parts is now simple. In Mind Cloud auto parts ecommerce platform makes supplying auto parts as streamlined as any consumer online shopping platform. Connect clients and partners with your solutions for the industry with:

  • Direct online offers and frictionless purchasing in a Sales Portal
  • Product visualizations and product configurations online
  • Smart recommendations for your cart and previously purchased equipment
  • Inquiry and order tracking across the entire process

How does In Mind Cloud’s Auto Parts Ecommerce Platform stack up in G2?

The auto parts industry prefers In Mind Cloud according to these G2 reviews

  • Salesforce
  • Oracle
  • SAP

"Over the past years we evaluated different commerce solutions to find a strategic partner that helps us reach the next level of customer experience. In Mind Cloud’s Digital Sales Platform stood out with superior end-user experience, easy administration, its unparalleled integral approach, and tight integration into our manufacturing backend. It is a big advantage being able to simply enrich our direct sales data for commerce and, in addition to that, ensure a quick launch by building on top of a proven platform.”

Ian G, Head of Global Aftermarket Operations, Satisloh AG

Auto Parts Supply Digital Sales FAQs

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How does In Mind Cloud CRM, CPQ & Commerce integrate with SAP ERP?
Can my customers view availability information (ATP check) and delivery dates in my online store?
Can my partners, distributors or customers self-register for my online shop or sales portal?

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