The way to a streamlined and highly efficient sales platform with a seamlessly embedded CRM and CPQ system is an ambitious journey for companies with complex products, cost structures or extensive engineering calculations. We, at In Mind Cloud, believe that offering software is not enough. We guide you along your journey and understand that only the success of our clients will be our success.

Years of sales automation and CPQ software development experience.

Relevant expertise in manufacturing, precision engineering, electrical engineering, machinery, automotive, medical manufacturing and high tech industries.

Expert for seamlessly integrating to SAP CRM and ERP based on SAP Cloud Platform.

Customer success teams and implementation partners around the world.


1 - 2 weeks

Our Customer Success Manager will guide you along the whole process. In this step we are preparing everything our CPQ project is based on. We will define the project team and tailor the project plan to your needs.

We are bringing up your software instance within days via industry and region specific templates – also based on your integration scenarios. In parallel we advise on industry best practices from past project experiences and will gather further expectations, requirements and roll-out plans with you to personalize your instance quickly.

With our In Mind Support Cloud, all customers have access to the complete documentation, a FAQ section and our support ticket portal ensuring quick assistance.

2- 10 weeks

During an initial requirements workshop your Customer Success Manager will gather all relevant information such as the CRM and ERP integration details, necessary roles and authorizations, workflows as well as UI customization and output documents requirements.

At the end of this phase a requirements clarification workshop will take place to sign off on all customization efforts and the success of testing.

You are now ready for go-live.

1-4 weeks

During this phase the User Acceptance Test will make sure the system is meeting your requirements.

You will then receive your system documentation and user guidelines.

up to 8 weeks

Your Customer Success Manager will remain your direct contact for uncomplicated and prompt support to ensure a smooth software introduction for your company.

As a last step the Customer Success Manager will hand-over administration of your software instance to your experts and support them in a well-defined way. Please contact our customer success team to learn all about further support options and our Enterprise Support Packages.


You have more questions around our Customer Success Services? We’d be happy to help!