Automotive Parts Suppliers CPQ Features

Automotive parts suppliers know the tedium of customized quoting. If you’re searching for the perfect parts sales CPQ, it’s worth noting that In Mind Cloud features include:

  • 100% accurate configuration and quoting with real-time ERP data
  • Competitively price your products and solutions with dynamic cost estimations, customer-specific costing, long-term cost tracking and smart simulations.
  • Sales automation streamlining collaboration between your sales and your engineers through workflows and approvals
  • Dynamic 2D/3D visualizations with CAD across your channels
  • Fully supporting all models from Configure to Order, Engineer to Order, Mass Production or Manufacturing as a Service

How does In Mind Cloud’s Auto Parts Supply CPQ stack up in G2?

The auto parts supply industry prefers In Mind Cloud according to these G2 reviews

  • Salesforce CPQ
  • Oracle CPQ

“In Mind Cloud’s solution for us serves as one unified place of knowledge to track all prices for our projects and year-long customer commitments. We were impressed by In Mind Cloud’s industry expertise and their deep understanding of our specific requirements and demands during development and go-live of the solution.”

Catherine C., Sales Administration, JTEKT Europe

Auto Parts Supply Digital Sales FAQs

Can I use In Mind Cloud to create RFQs/Tenders/Quotes?
Can I configure solutions via CAD or other visual tools in In Mind Cloud?
Do you have pricing and discounting automation?
Can I re-use SAP LO/VC models for my configuration?
Does In Mind Cloud have a configuration engine to build up complex product or solution configuration?
Can I import my existing cost/price/configuration data from Excel?

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