Profitable CPQ


Configure & Price Accurately

Configure and price even complex products and services in ETO and MTO scenarios with minimum effort. Ensure accurate quotes with only valid product, process and service combinations directly in SAP C4C.


Create Profitable Quotes

Protect your margins and enable sales to calculate costs and prices whilst balancing discounts easily with the help of detailed pricing views. Cloud CPQ Express backs you up with always-up-to-date costs and prices originating in either native SAP LO/VC models (IPC compliant), IPC models and even external pricing from SAP ERP or In Mind cost models.

Accelerated Sales


Fast & Professional Proposals

Create professional and branded proposals at a few clicks and keep track of all versions and modifications. Preview and edit customized modules and choose from multiple output templates in different formats like Microsoft Word, Excel and PDF.


Reduced Sales Cycles & Automated Processes

Automating your configuration, pricing and quotation processes does not only increase your efficiency but allows your sales reps to spend more time actively selling and working on a positive customer relationship. Routed workflows and automated approvals reduce sales cycles significantly by streamlining the entire CPQ process.

Cloud-CPQ-Express SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer - Proposal Generation Screen

Seamless Integration


Bridging the gap

Cloud CPQ Express bridges your CRM system, SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer, and your back-end system, SAP ERP, with deep integration into both, creating a seamless end-to-end sales process.


Your ERP in the Cloud & ERP Sales Orders directly from CPQ

Cloud CPQ Express provides all relevant product and price knowledge plus master data from SAP ERP to sales in real-time in the cloud. Quotes can be converted into SAP ERP Sales orders directly, which guarantees consistent data management and avoids redundant data maintenance.

Cloud-CPQ-Express SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer-Screen_costing pricing screen

Express Deployment

Our ready-to-use Cloud CPQ & CRM solutions guarantee a rapid deployment with system integration to SAP ERP and/or SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer.

Optimal Usability

Access all relevant information to create a proposal in Cloud CPQ Express anytime, anywhere and on any device. If your business uses SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer, our CPQ is directly embedded and available via single-sign-on. Our user interface is simple, intuitive and based on the latest SAP UI5 technology.

Fast, Secure and SAP-Certified

Cloud CPQ Express is certified to extend SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer and SAP ERP. Built on the SAP Cloud Platform it is fast, secure and guarantees future-readiness.

SAP_Certified_Cloud CPQ Express

Flexible Scalability

With Cloud CPQ Express you enjoy full flexibility via our user-based subscription model. With data centres around the world, we guarantee optimal latency plus our solution is globally scalable.


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