Modelling in CPQ Configure Price Quote made easy via Excel

Modelling In CPQ Made Easy With Excel

By the words of Vincent Van Gogh: “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” In the manufacturing world, these series of small things translate into large BOMs (Bill of Materials) and the “bringing together” can … Read More

Why In Mind Cloud has built their Manufacturing CRM & CPQ on the SAP Cloud Platform

Interview with Dr. Christian Cuske, CEO of In Mind Cloud   Last week we were looking at the advantages of using a Cloud CPQ and CRM for manufacturing businesses. Indeed, cost-effectiveness, scalability, enhanced collaboration and a more efficient way of … Read More

Manufacturing Software Glossary

Manufacturing Software Glossary

A for Automation, B for BOM, C for CPQ – Get your daily dose of ABCs. With this glossary, we are bringing together relevant acronyms for manufacturing businesses and offer further guidance around these topics. We are aiming to help … Read More

In Mind Cloud, new member of the DSAG

In Mind Cloud, New Member of the DSAG (German-speaking SAP User Group)

We are happy to announce that In Mind Cloud is now a new member of the DSAG, the German-speaking SAP’s users group, one of the most important SAP user groups in the world. What does the DSAG do? Headquartered in … Read More

Trends in Manufacturing- Product variation on the rise, but an increased need for sales automation

Trends in Manufacturing: Product Variation on the Rise, Increase Need for Sales Automation

In the manufacturing world, competition has steepened and consumer demands increased, due to developments such as digitalisation and globalisation. Consumers are hungry for new innovative products, but at the same time demand high quality. In response to this, a trend … Read More

5 reasons to choose a Cloud CPQ

5 Reasons To Choose a Cloud-Based CPQ

The word cloud has become one of the most important buzzwords in technology of the last years: if you type “cloud technology” into Google, your search will have over 130 million results. Do you need more prove? The worldwide public … Read More

CommunicAsia and Enterprise IT Asia 2017 – Singapore A Digital Economy

CommunicAsia and Enterprise IT Asia 2017 – Singapore: A Digital Economy

The annual CommunicAsia and Enterprise IT Asia 2017 hit our sunny shore of Singapore and In Mind Cloud was there to check out what innovative technologies were offered and how that reflects Singapore’s progress in participating in the digital economy. CommunicAsia and … Read More

3 game changing factors of a successful CPQ- – and why your manufacturing business will thank you for it.

3 Game-Changing Factors Of A Successful CPQ

…and why your manufacturing business will thank you for it. Navigating through the day to day workings of a manufacturing business can be both exhausting and debilitating. Trying to avoid any additional costs and risks to these slim margins, the … Read More

In Mind Cloud's Manufacturing CPQ on SAP Extensibility Roadmap and in the SAP App Center

In Mind Cloud’s Manufacturing CPQ on SAP Extensibility Roadmap and in the SAP App Center

In Mind Cloud being referenced during SAPPHIRE 2017 Opening Keynote The Opening Keynote of SAPPHIRE NOW 2017 was full of enthusiasm and demonstrations that prove SAP’s history in bringing radical change into the world will be continued in the age of … Read More

What's new in 1704 release- Cloud CPQ Express for Manufacturing

In Mind Cloud 1704 Release: Built for Manufacturing Industries

After successfully launching the CPQ for sales and running it for the scenario of pure sales-oriented quotations, In Mind Cloud is proud to bring out its new release. Our 1704 release also starts to cater to the need of reusing … Read More