The Automotive Industry is transforming, technology is changing at lightning speed with e-mobility on the verge, and products are becoming more and more digital.


Suppliers deliver holistic modules including software to become technology leaders as opposed to hardware providers. At the same time, global competition increases in technology and prices, whilst demand in emerging markets has slowed down.


Gain agility and efficiency to move up the value chain and capture future growth with In Mind Cloud’s Manufacturing X Sales Platform!

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Master complexity and cost pressure to move up the value chain

Professionalize Globalisation and Regional Requirements via Sales Digitalization

Excel in After-Market business opportunities and Digital Channels

Our Top 5 Features for Automotive Manufacturing & Suppliers


Our Manufacturing X Sales Platform has features uniquely built for Manufacturers in the Automotive industry:

Cost & Price Optimization for RFQs automotive manufacturing

Cost & Price Optimization for RFQs

Deliver accurate cost estimates, succeed in collaboration and mitigate your risks of cost pressure in the automotive industry’s with Cost and Price Optimization for RFQs.


  • Manage all RFQ relevant knowledge in one centralized repository to leverage your data such as costs of prototypes, regionalised Bill-of-Materials, production planning, transportation and packaging, supply chain, raw material cost projections, regional production capacities and demand forecasts.
  • Mass Simulation and Mass Change enables Manufacturing cost calculation in real-time for cost and margin to evaluate alternatives. Include required investments, such as tooling and part costs and evaluate alternative pricing and costing scenarios quickly to balance requirements and costs.
  • Ensure price compliance and further protect your project profitability with Dynamic Margin and Profit Calculation on material or part combinations, volumes, project sizes, customer categories and custom rules.
  • Digital Collaboration enables Task Management across your organisation and Approvals in one system including multi-level and matrix approvals and flexible task assignment from Sales to Engineering, Cost Control or Purchasing for shortened, auditable sales cycles.
  • Advanced Proposal Generation capabilities allow you to manage, adjust and reflect detailed cost break-downs to meet the growing customer demand for cost transparency towards your customers.

Extended Project Cost Management

Master the challenges of cost and price changes within long-running contracts and extended projects in automotive industries. Always be on top of change requests and negotiations during any stage from prototyping, pre-serial, mass production or re-contracting with Extended Project Cost Management in Manufacturing X.


  • With customers requesting engineering changes on the product, changing minimum order quantities, raw material prices increasing, exchange rates fluctuating and many more factors kicking of re-negotiations, as well as cost and price re-calculations the advanced Change Offer Management makes sure profitability doesn’t suffer over the duration of the contract.
  • Cost and price data being available within one system guarantees Cost & Price Data Consistency across all channels, devices and sales teams, and eliminates costing and pricing errors or miss-communication.
  • With price structures of new projects or cost and price changes for change offers captured and effective Sales Guidance in place, sales teams can work efficiently and time-to-quote as well as negotiation cycles are shortened significantly.
  • Proposal Management automates and unifies the quote generation across all teams with fully customizable document templates plus customer and language specific template libraries.

Extended Project Cost Management Automotive Manufacturing
Global Product & Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Automotive

Global Product & Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Automotive

CRM for Automotive is simply different. Untangle the complexities of various internal and external stakeholders. Projects, platforms, technologies, products, contacts, customer plants and your own plants – everything is connected! With Manufacturing X you benefit from  a truly Global Product & Customer Relationship Management.


  • Customer and Supplier Insights manages and provides visibility for global sales teams into all relevant contacts – externally and internally. Mapping of on-going commercial projects and products with customer plants is guaranteed which empowers efficient automotive project management and commercial operations.
  • With multiple departments involved in projects, Account Collaboration empowers them to master dynamic maintenance of new and existing engagements. Workflows, Notes and Tagging ensure fast and flawless teamwork
  • Easily draw Account or Project Reports to understand past and open change offers and their financial impacts.
  • Pipeline Management makes the current stage of each project and offer visible, so you can prioritize easily and act on the most profitable opportunities.
  • Easily organize and manage all relevant documents like requirements analysis, technical drawings, project planning, etc. related to an account, project or offer with Content Management.

Business Forecasting & Decision Making

With just-in-time (JIT) production and variable production quantities, the decision making in the automotive industry is built on facts from minimum order quantities and production forecasts. Simplify your Business Forecasting & Decision Making with Manufacturing X!


  • Leverage the Upload & Import of production forecasts from external systems.
  • Together with cost, price, profit and margin information generate Single or Global Project Reports.
  • Each manufactured part has it very own profit margin, which may adjust over time and is influenced by changing volumes, raw materials prices or ending amortisation agreements. Profit Margin Analytics break down costs, prices and calculate profits for each part to gain a complete view on profitability for products within the lifecycle.
  • Productivity Analytics connect data allowing to easily gather insights into the development of the project costs and applied changes for profound decision making on investments.
  • Power your individual analytics requirements with integration from SAP Business Warehouse, Power BI and further analytics tools or third party CRM such as SAP Sales Cloud, Saleforce or Microsoft Dynamics to manage all your business forecasting and decision making processes on one platform.

Business Forecasting & Decision Making Automotive Manufacturing
End-to-End Backend (ERP) Integration Automotive Manufacturing

End-to-End Backend (ERP) Integration for Automotive

Power your automotive sales with an end-to-end flow to and from your backend system. From product and account data, through key quoting information such as costs and prices, to production data like Bill-of-Material (BOM) or a set of price changes applied to a set of products that undergo an engineering change. Create THE single source of truth for your business in the automotive industry with End-to-End Backend (ERP) Integration in Manufacturing X.


  • Provide a Single Source of Truth for project data, Terms & Conditions, and customer requirements, available 24/7 on any device for all involved departments and global teams.
  • Create and Manage ERP Quotes, Orders and Schedule Agreements via one platform to facilitate consistent and auditable configure-to-order processes.
  • Ensure always accurate Material Creation including BOM and Production Process in your ERP to avoid costly errors for engineer-to-order.
  • Create, retrieve and update Costing and Pricing in your ERP
  • Replicate operations data such as shipped volumes, costs, invoicing or purchasing data via Custom View Replication.
  • Integration with existing CRMs and Cloud Platforms to ensure end-to-end sales processes for extended lifecycles of projects and contracts.

Don’t just take it from us. Hear what our customers in Automotive Manufacturing say:

“When we receive an RFQ for an automotive platform, we commit to hundreds of thousands of parts to be delivered in the coming years. All technical specifications need to be 100% correct, cost planning needs to be carried out carefully and the internal validation process is crucial. As costs and prices change during the years of production, any error along the way has a serious commercial impact.


In Mind Cloud’s solution for us serves as one unified place of knowledge to track all accounts, internal and external stakeholders, costs and prices for our projects and year-long customer commitments. Therewith, it enables us to gain agility and efficiency to act on profitable opportunities and capture future growth.

Customer of In Mind Cloud from the Automotive Industry

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